Our services with Dick’s Sporting Goods has been extremely successful. What started out as one local event has blossomed into a nationwide tour as Dick’s Sporting Goods expands throughout the country. Through our services they have gained attention through social media because of their branded photos, as well as creating a physical keepsake that families and customers can walk away with.

Services Used: custom backdrop, open photo booth concept, & social media stations, custom branded photos

Dick’s Sporting Goods has hired us for several nationwide grand openings. Their services include custom backdrop, custom branded display, open concept photo booth, and social media sharing. When new customers come to visit Dick’s Sporting Goods during their grand opening celebration, they are greatly welcomed by our brand ambassadors to snap a photo in front of the custom step and repeat backdrop. Once the photo is taken, it is printed out with a custom photo design, and can be shared on social media and through email as well, using a hashtag specific to the location.