Once a photo is taken, our team is on hand to reposition the elements to make the photo perfect. It is then printed out and guests are invited to share their photo on social media. Our design team worked closely with the event coordinators for each event ensuring that the design would attract and entice guests. Our services were a hit at each event, children and adults alike had a blast using our green screen services.

Services Used: green screen, social media services, branded photos

The IX Center is a large convention center in Cleveland, Ohio. As one of the top ten convention centers in the country, it is home to several events yearly. We have teamed up with event coordinators to provide green screen services at three of their largest events: Christmas Connection, Trick or Treat Street, and The Food Show. Each green screen is unique to the guests at the show–whereas Trick or Treat Street is aimed for children, The Food Show targets adults and professionals. Our services have helped them to reach more consumers and have provided an extra incentive for attendees to return.